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Find an attorney in Miami

Find an attorney in Miami

Our law office in Miami flows with lawyers of diverse areas of specialization. We are reputable for carrying out proper and efficient estate planning, offering assistance with probate and rounding off the process in record time, as well as civil litigation. We offer consultancy services as well as legal representation. Whatever your plight is, we are here to help. Give us a call.

Our estate planning services

Our estate planning goals are aimed at capturing a holistic view of the wishes of our client and their estate situation, and then finding the best possible way to actualize their goals and address every issue which their estate may face during their lifetime and after death. To this end, we believe every proper estate plan to contain the following essential legal documents:

  • Last Will and Testament

Although sometimes very simple to create using will templates online, more complex estates definitely would need more than what a stereotyped template will provide. This is where our expertise comes in. The first thing we do is to grasp an understanding of the wishes of our client as well as the complexity of their estate before determining the right measures to distribute their estate without having conflicts in the future.

We will also help in naming a guardian for minors if the client has such.

  • Powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives

A power of attorney is a document which gives an agent the authority to act on behalf of the principal (the maker of the document) when the principal becomes unable to act on their own. On the other hand, advance healthcare directives does the same thing but in terms of healthcare decision-making.

During incapacity, a power of attorney and advance healthcare directive become very important as they enable the estate affairs of the principal to thrive on despite their incapacity. In Miami, FL, these documents are handled quite differently from other states. It becomes important that you hire an experienced attorney in Miami for legal guidance.

  • Trusts

Trusts allow you to transfer assets differently from a will while offering other probate and tax advantages. There are different kinds of trust and our Trust lawyers will advise you on the type that’s appropriate for you.

  • Probate

Our probate services include assisting Miami residents to plan for probate minimization. If this is not done, probate can become very lengthy, traumatic and expensive. We also assist executors and estate administrators with the following:

  • Filing the petition: probate commences when the will is filed to the probate court. There is paperwork involved, and your attorney will help with this.
  • Notifying the public: your attorney will work with you to notify every concerned party concerning probate. This is not always easy as it seems, as some persons may come falsely claiming to be relatives of the decedent.
  • Appraising the estate: our probate attorneys are proficient in estate appraisal, an important aspect of probate for valuable and complex estates.
  • Dealing with creditors and filing tax returns: people may claim to be creditors whereas they are not. In order not to give money to scammers, contact an attorney.
  • Will contests and estate litigation: disgruntled parties may also wish to litigate the estate or file for will contests. The probate attorney helps to resolve such issues amicably before they escalate or lengthen probate all the more.
  • Distributing and closing the estate: this is the last phase and involves a lot of legalities and paperwork.

Civil litigation

We also offer expert advice and legal representation to clients involved in civil litigation cases. Civil litigation cases are court cases which bother on civil law, and our lawyers are specialized in this area of the law. We offer legal representation to clients involved in marriage disputes, fraud, negligence, personal injury, defamation, healthcare malpractice, breach of contract and commercial litigation amongst individuals as well as corporations.

Contact us Having decades of experience practicing in Miami and having worked with innumerable clients, our attorneys understand the workings of the legal system in Miami and know just what needs to be done in every given situation. Our wills and trusts lawyers, probate lawyers, and civil litigation lawyers offer an all-round security for life and after-life, ensuring your legacy lives on after you’re gone and that your business and family are well taken care of. Contact our office today to speak with a Miami Attorney.