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Attorneys in Miami

Attorneys in Miami

Quite amusingly, not everyone think that a day in their lives, they would require the services of an attorney. Perhaps due to the time we are in where majority of individuals prefer to make rush plans for themselves or are more occupied with other life happenings neglect certain areas of life. However, the truth remains that at one point or the other, we would require a crucial help or intervention of a Miami attorney. As one of the biggest cities in the state, thriving and growing rapidly with lots of occurrences, you could do well having the reliable services of best attorneys in Miami. Vast with the state laws on estate planning, court probate process, litigation, civil justice, elder laws as well as other delicate aspect of the Miami laws, our Miami attorneys stationed very close to you would be a help in times of distress. 

What would Miami attorney do for you?

The likelihood that you would need an experience attorney increases when you consider what you miss out on without planning with an attorney. The streets are filled with so called legal practitioners who claim to be able to experts but would eventually rip you off your cash; time and even worse could lead to immeasurable loss of assets. Much worse, certain situations require you have someone worthy, reliable to work with. For instances, you may require someone to be your power of attorney or someone to oversee the guardianship for your minor kids or even to ensure adequate implementation of your estate plans; who would you best call? A well-seasoned Miami attorney would be at your service.

Here is what attorney in Miami would do for you.

  • Attorney to help make estate plans.

A proper estate plan is one that covers all your estate affairs and personal well-being during your lifetime and as an elderly, and thereafter the efficient distribution of your assets to desired beneficiaries. This is what an estate lawyer would help you efficiently implement. As one gets older, there is the fear of becoming incapacitated due to age or terminal disease. Accidents can also render one disabled and incapable of handling their affairs. In such a situation, one would need a trusted agent to look after their affairs on their behalf. Estate document for disability and incapacity are:

Financial power of attorney: this document allows you appoint an agent to handle your fiscal affairs and make financial decisions on your behalf when you become incapable to do so yourself.

Healthcare power of attorney: also known as advance medical directive, this document allows you to appoint an agent to make healthcare decisions on your behalf when you become incapable to do so yourself.

Retirement and Medicaid: Our attorneys in Miami are also highly knowledgeable in Elder Law, and will work with you to know the most suitable retirement plan that befits you while keeping you eligible for benefits meant for the elderly. Your attorney will help you apply for Medicaid and Medicare if you so desire.

Will; Although sometimes very simple to create using will templates online, more complex estates definitely would need more than what a stereotyped template will provide. This is where our expertise comes in. The first thing we do is to grasp an understanding of the wishes of our client as well as the complexity of their estate before determining the right measures to distribute their estate without having conflicts in the future.

  • Attorney to handle civil litigation

Attorneys in Miami offer expert advice and legal representation to clients involved in civil litigation cases. Civil litigation cases are court cases which bother on civil law, and our attorney are specialized in this area of the law. We offer legal representation to clients involved in marriage disputes, fraud, negligence, personal injury, defamation, healthcare malpractice, breach of contract and commercial litigation amongst individuals as well as corporations.

  • Attorney to handle Elder law issues.

As a loved one ages, the family members may be concerned with their long-term care. There is a lot of challenging legal issues involved, and it becomes imperative to entrust the matter in the hands of a Miami attorney. At our estate planning law firm in Miami, our attorneys specialized in Elder Law will look into your situation with empathy and help plan towards getting long-term care, and ensuring that possessions are properly and efficiently passed down. To this end, our elder law services include Planning and applying for Medicaid, guardianship, creating will trusts, and powers of attorney, and living wills and lastly asset protection.

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